Exploring the Differences Between Wiring a Car’s Electrical System and a Boat’s

Exploring the Differences Between Wiring a Car Electrical System and a Boat

When it comes to electrical systems, vehicles like cars and boats have distinct requirements and considerations due to their different environments and functions. Wiring these systems involves unique challenges and considerations to ensure safety, reliability, and optimal performance. Let’s delve into the key differences between wiring a car’s electrical system and a boat’s electrical system. […]

What Makes a Good Circuit Board Versus a “Bad“ One?

Precision MPP Tracking System

Circuit boards, also known as printed circuit boards (PCBs), are the backbone of modern electronic devices. From smartphones to satellites, these components are crucial in connecting and supporting various electronic components. However, not all circuit boards are created equal. There are several factors that contribute to the quality and functionality of a PCB. In this […]

Wire Identification: Laser Marking vs Striping

Laser Marking vs Stripping

A request we receive often is to add wire striping to our service list. While we see the value of striping a wire, we want to make the argument that laser marking is a more potent tool. In this article we’ll cover the processes of both and advantages/disadvantages. Striping Wire A striped wire is a […]

Understanding the Difference: Good Circuit Board Design vs. Bad Circuit Board Design


Introduction Circuit boards are the backbone of electronic devices, serving as a platform for connecting components and enabling the flow of electricity. The design of a circuit board plays a crucial role in the functionality, reliability, and performance of the electronic device it powers. A well-designed circuit board can ensure optimal performance, longevity, and ease […]

How To Build A Custom Flying Lead Harness From The YourSpec Template Projects

How to build a custom flying lead harness from the YourSpec templates projects

If you are looking to build a flying lead harness for an aftermarket engine management system, YourSpec makes it easy to design and order a custom flying lead harness instead of an off the shelf generic harness. In our YourSpec Wiring Project Manager (WPM) we have created wiring projects that are templates for some common […]

Understanding the Characteristics of a Good Wiring Harness

Understanding the Characteristics of a Good Wiring Harness Importance of Proper Layout and Assembly When it comes to evaluating the quality of a wiring harness, the way it is laid out and assembled plays a crucial role. A good wiring harness should strike a balance between being neither too loose nor too tight when interconnecting […]