About Yourspec wiring project manager


YourSpec's tefzel laser wire marking

What is the YourSpec Wiring Project Manager?

The YourSpec Wiring Project Manager (WPM) is our web application that helps you plan and build wiring projects of any size.

The WPM interface allows you to add anywhere from one to 250 wires to your project. For each wire in your project, you can specify attributes such as wire type, name, and length. You can then define any additional services you would like to add including wire marking or wire end processing.

Once saved, an immediate price quote for the production cost of your project is provided to you. The WPM also allows you to publish your project and optionally share it with others so they can view and purchase it as defined by you.


YourSpec's tefzel laser wire marking

Wire Marking

We offer wire marking in our WPM to provide you with a wide range of customization. Some benefits of wire marking include easier assembly and reduced diagnostic and tracing time.
YourSpec uses state of the art UV laser marking technology to mark all of its wire which results in a durable and readable marking.
The YourSpec WPM gives you control over advanced marking parameters such as:

  • Font type
  • Message spacing
  • Message orientation

For more information about wire marking, see the WPM Service Guide located here: Service Guide


Wire End Processing

Save time and money processing the ends of your wire for your project by using the YourSpec WPM.
We currently offer the following wire end processing services:

  • Stripping with or without insulation tail
  • Tinning
  • Crimping on eligible pins

For more information on wire end processing, see the WPM Service Guide located here: Service Guide

Benefits of Using the YourSpec Wiring Project Manager

General Benefits

The YourSpec WPM can save you time in building your harness or assembly. Some time-saving options include:

  • Receive wires individually cut to length and ready for use to avoid the task of measuring from spools by hand
  • Choose to mark your wires and get to routing immediately instead of wasting time tracing
  • Have your wire ends stripped to the perfect length to make crimping to your connector or inserting into your terminal hassle free
  • Skip crimping altogether and have YourSpec crimp pins directly to your wire to make it plug and play into your connectors

Problems happen. But when you have used YourSpec Wire’s WPM to order marked wires for your project, you will be well equipped to quickly and efficiently diagnose and trace every marked wire.

When ordering through the YourSpec WPM, take advantage of our special pricing models that combine different wire gauges and colors into the same bulk pricing discounts.

Example Scenarios

Using the YourSpec WPM to order a custom harness is a great alternative to ordering a basic flying lead harness through the ECU manufacturer. When using the YourSpec WPM to build your custom flying lead harness, you can:

  • Choose from high grade mil spec wire or industry standard TXL grade wire.
  • Save money by only ordering the wire you need and receive discounts when you order wire colors and gauges in bulk.
  • Custom mark your project’s wires to match your exact setup and reduce waste or inaccurately labeled wire.

Manufacturers can optimize the way they work by using YourSpec’s WPM.

  • Save money: Our special pricing models offer bulk discounts even when buying smaller projects with multiple wire types.
  • Save time: Our custom offerings like measuring and cutting wire to length and stripping/crimping pins will free up man-hours.
  • Save the frustration: Our services like custom marking on your wire will make identification quick and foolproof resulting in increased assembly speed and reduced diagnostic/tracing time.

By defining each harness you build as a WPM project you will be able to:

  • Keep exactly the right amount of material you need to build any of your harnesses on hand.
  • Save time previously spent measuring and cutting wire to length.
  • Reduce your assembly time by having your wires be pre-stripped and crimped.
  • Finish with a higher quality and more convenient harness by custom marking your wires.