custom flying lead harnesses

A new level of customization with YourSpec

One of the many benefits of using YourSpec’s services is the ability to create high quality custom flying lead wire harnesses with minimal effort.  

Personal Projects

No matter what you are building, your project deserves better than a generic off-the-shelf  flying lead harness. Instead, use YourSpec’s Wiring Project Manger, to easily create a fully custom flying lead harness. choose from higher quality wire and customize the marking to match your needs. By choosing YourSpec, you will  save money by removing wires you do not need and specifying exact lengths for your runs.


If you are a business looking to add flying lead harnesses to your catalog, YourSpec’s Wiring Project Manager will  save you time and offer more options to your customers, and  reduce ordering complexity. You  will receive instant quotes by outlining your project in our web app. When you choose YourSpec, your projects are always organized and ready for re-ordering at any time.

What YourSpec Offers

Quality materials

We only stock high quality wire, pins, and connectors. We understand every project has different needs, so we make sure to stock wire with multiple options of strength, weight, and durability so your project gets exactly what it needs.

Cut to length

Order individual wires accurately cut to length for your project, but pay like you bought in bulk. We have redundant systems in place to make sure your wire is cut to your exact specification.

Wire marking

Our wire marking system incorporates a state of the art UV laser that reacts photochemically with the titanium dioxide (TiO2) in the wire insulation. This results in a highly durable and readable marking.

end stripping

Stripping with YourSpec guarantees precise cuts every time. We use high end rotary stripping tools that can accurately measure and strip your wire to exact measurements. Our tools have an integrated sensor to detect blade contact with the conductor.


Save time in assembly time by allowing YourSpec to do the crimping for you. We have a variety of tools and die-sets specific for each pin we offer.


Want to add a bit of robustness to the end of your wire or are using screw down terminal blocks? Specify tinning on your wire ends for the prefect solder coverage.

full control

Our Wiring Project Manager allows all processing options to be fully configurable to ensure our services can be used in all varieties of projects.

something else?

Wanting to work with YourSpec but we don't offer what you need to complete your project? Reach out, we are always happy to discuss custom projects, processing options, or assembly.

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